Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Occold Primary School. I hope that you will find this website useful. It has been put together to give you key information about our school and help you understand how our school works.  It also aims to let you know a little about our some of our values and the type of school Occold strives to be.

Our whole staff is committed to fostering a happy, lively and challenging environment, where children feel secure and are able to develop their full potential, taking their first steps towards becoming competent and caring adults. We encourage close links with parents, governors, friends of the school and the wider community to ensure that we do the very best we can for all our children.

Our educational philosophy is founded on a firm belief that we should trust in every child's capacity to learn. To this end, we feel strongly that we should avoid placing ceilings on our expectations for children. This way they have the opportunity to surprise both us and themselves. We believe that our school should recognise the uniqueness of each child and show empathy with children in all their complexity. There are many ways in which they can be successful! Learning both in and out of the classroom should endeavour to be an authentic and immersive experience for children so that children are excited to come to school for a new adventure. Opportunities should be created in which children are encouraged to develop belief in themselves, resilience, independence and a strong sense of social responsibility. The more children are trusted, the more resourceful they can be.

We wish to send children on from our school who have belief in themselves, respect for others and a good record of achievement across the curriculum. We would like our children to achieve high academic standards, excellence in sport and an interest in personal fitness, an appreciation of the arts and humanities and develop a concern for the community and environment.  

The small size of our school means that all the staff know each and every child and their family very well.   This gives us the unique opportunity to create highly personalised learning experiences for our children and provide a nurturing environment that recognises individual circumstances. Every family is different and each has their own challenges.

The school is both physically and socially at the heart of the community. Everyone connected to the village in Occold pulls together to enhance the experience for children at the school. The school works closely with our neighbours and draws upon local resources to overcome the challenges of accommodation and to ensure good access to sports facilities and the outdoors. These purposeful links benefit the community as a whole. We are very proud of our community primary school and what it provides for our children. We constantly look for ways to further enhance the children’s learning and experiences of their first steps into education.

Please come and visit us if you would like to find out more.

Dr. Paul Parslow-Williams (Headteacher)