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Aylmerton News

posted 19 Oct 2014, 05:01 by Paul Parslow-Williams   [ updated 23 Aug 2015, 09:46 ]
Monday Lunchtime
We have all arrived safe and sound and everyone is very excited about their dorms and the activities that await us. Our schedule may change depending on the weather. 

Monday Afternoon
What a start! Although we have experienced some heavy showers and strong gusts of wind, the weather has been good to us on the whole. On Monday we began with a range of team building activities which was followed by a twilight walk which included a bat safari and visit to a medieval church where we were treated to a spooky story. 

Monday night was surprisingly peaceful and children and staff were treated to an uneventful night. On Tuesday we took part in a series of adventurous pirate themed activities and an extensive orienteering exercise which took place on some of Norfolk's most beautiful National Trust land. In the evening we listened to the spellbinding storyteller Paul Jackson. 


Wednesday was among one of the most invigorating days of working with children I can remember. After a hearty breakfast we were all transported to Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast.We then trekked across the mudflats in our bare feet which include crossing shallow parts of the River Glaven and hunting for cockles. After stopping for a picnic on the picturesque sandbar we put on our walking boots and marched along the shingle coastline to the dunes where we stopped for a moment of reflection. After a final push over the dunes on the boardwalk we met the boats which took as to see the seals close up. The blue skies and cool breeze proved to be perfect walking weather and all children made the 5 mile journey without complaint.The boats took us back to the coach and we returned to the centre.  Later that evening the children somehow summoned the energy for a fun swim at the Splash Waterpark.



Without exception, the children are thriving here. They have been quick to make friends with children from other schools and you wouldn't think there are four different classes with us. Staff from other schools have made many positive comments about our children who are proving to be excellent ambassadors and are genuinely great fun to be around. All of our children are certainly making the most of opportunities here and have successfully completed all of the challenges so far with big smiles on their faces.  The behaviour of our children has been exemplary. No one has been homesick or poorly and they are all eating well. It's amazing how few fussy eaters there are after a day of active outdoor challenges.

I am very proud of all of our children and you should be too.