Online Safety

The Online World and digital technology has revolutionised our lives over the last twenty years and offers a wealth of resources to teachers, learners and their families. Just like we teach children to cross the road safely, our aim at Occold is to support our children and staff in harnessing these technologies whilst making them aware of the potential risks and dangers. The schools relevant policies and documents in this area can be found below.

As with other aspects of Safeguarding, we take a preventative approach as well as reacting to incidents. Online safety is embedded in our PSHE, computing and assembly programmes. Guidance is also offered to parents through workshops, handouts and newsletters.


If you are concerned about something that has happened to you or your child online, then you can report this to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Website (CEOP). Click on this image below to take you to the appropriate page on the CEOP website.