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STEM week 2020

A fantastic week spent immersed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM week day 1- We started STEM week off with some interesting visitors. The children learnt how 3D printers work and watched some models being printed. They are designing their own model as part of a competition throughout the week. The winning design will be printed. We also had a go at making and coding robots. The younger children made robots that used sensors to detect objects and stop them bumping into things.

STEM week day 2- The children were split into groups to work together to complete a Scrapheap Challenge. They had to design and make a vehicle to carry a bear thinking about moveability, safety and design. They also took part in an egg drop challenge where they engineered something to hold an egg to try to prevent it from being broken when dropped from a height. In the afternoon we were treated to a Science Theatre show by Mr Williams!

STEM week day 3- We had a visit from scientist Kerry from the Earthworm Society of Britain. She taught the children about different species of earthworms and how to collect specimens. We gathered some specimens from the village field as part of a research project.

STEM week day 3- In the afternoon, Fox class had a visit from scientist Vic who taught the children how to extract their DNA.

STEM week day 4- During the final day of STEM week, the children worked together on a maths investigation. Later in the day we completed our Scrapheap Challenge and tested the vehicles. Here is a photograph of our winning teams of engineers!