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Fox Class travel back to the Victorian times!

Fox Class have had a fantastic term learning all about the Victorians.

This term, Year 5 and 6 children have had a real taste of what life was like for children in the Victorian times. Alongside their weekly history lessons in school, the children have also been on two trips. The first was to The Hold in Ipswich which holds thousands of archives. Here, the children were able to find information out about individuals who lived in Occold during the Victorian times and, like real historians, piece together what happened in their life from school, workhouse and prison records. A few weeks later, the children visited Gressenhall where they got to experience life in a Victorian workhouse, school and home whilst also solving a Victorian mystery! The children also enjoyed an immersive week, where they came to school each day dressed as Victorians and completed all of their learning in 'Victorian style'. This meant using slate and chalk, ink dip pens and lessons which would have been taught during the Victorian times. It was a brilliant week which really brought history to life for the class.