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Parents may visit the school at any time without an appointment if they or their children have an urgent problem, however, time is very limited and Teachers will need to start teaching at 8.50am when the bell rings. If the matter is not so urgent making an appointment would be appreciated and members of staff are available at the beginning and end of each day if you need to see them.

We operate an open door policy at the start of every day and understand many parents may wish to bring children into school, especially with the youngest group to get them settled. We do need to get on when the bell rings at 8:50 though and most seating areas are used for one-to-one or small group support.


Parent Evenings and Reports
During the Autumn Term and again in the Spring Term a parent consultation meeting is arranged between parents and teachers to discuss in detail your child's progress. A short-term report is sent at the end of the Autumn Term and Spring Term indicating the attitude of pupils to school and their work. In the Summer term all parents receive a detailed written report for their child and can follow this up with a further consultation if this is felt necessary.

Of course Staff are happy to discuss any issues with you at mutually convenient times throughout the year.


The All Saints Schools Trust has established procedures so that the concerns of parents and others about the school curriculum and related matters may be considered and, whenever possible, resolved locally.

In the first instance particular problems should be referred to the class teacher who will endeavour to achieve a satisfactory outcome by informal means, if this is not dealt with satisfactorily then this may then be escalated to the Head of School/Executive Headteacher.

If, however, the issue cannot be resolved in this way, it may be referred first to a panel of Governors of the school and, as a last resort, to the Trust for formal consideration.

Further details of the Trust's procedures may be obtained from this website.


Visits and Charging
Educational visits are planned as part of the curriculum and in order to cover the costs of the activity, parents are invited to make contributions. Due to the small numbers of children in each year and the cost of coach transport, parents are often asked to help with transport to local events. If you are able, please check your Insurance Policy first to ensure you are adequately covered. Friends of Occold School tirelessly organise fund-raising events so that children have opportunities to gain experiences outside the classroom. Please support wherever you can.


Pupil Welfare
Family circumstances do affect children so it is important that, at school, we are made aware of anything, which could have an impact upon your child’s learning or behaviour. This information will remain confidential. Please keep us informed of relevant telephone numbers so that we can contact you in the event of your child becoming ill during the school day or for any other reason.
Parents will be requested to provide an emergency telephone number so that they can be contacted urgently when required. This is particularly useful if your child is on a day visit and the coach is delayed and the office wish to keep you informed.
Further advice may be obtained from the Area Education Officer or the Education Welfare Officer who is also available to deal with any major problems.
If your child is to be met from school by someone other than yourself or the person who normally meets them please let a member of staff know in advance.


Health and Medicine
Medical inspections are given in the first year at school and parents are invited to be present. When children are ill it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they receive proper care. The administering of medicine to children is also the parents' responsibility, unless circumstances make this impractical. Since very few medicines need to be administered in the middle of the day when a child is well enough to be at school,

parents may be expected either to keep the child at home or to administer the medicine personally if they believe a course of treatment is necessary. If your child suffers from sickness or diarrhoea they do need to stay at home for 48 hours after the final bout in order for their body to regain lost fluids; it will be far better for them to return to school fully fit rather than suffering during the next day.
In the case of long-term conditions, such as asthma, the Head Teacher needs to be informed so that inhalers can be kept in a safe, easily accessible place.


In all cases of emergency a member of staff will endeavour to contact parents or carers concerned, but if this is not possible will act on the advice of the medical officer consulted.
If a child sustains any injury to the head parents are notified as soon as possible, usually by telephone, or a note, which accompanies the child at the end of the school day.

The responsibility for ensuring that children attend school regularly rests with their parents. However, if your child lives beyond a certain distance from school you may be entitled to free transport. Queries and arrangements are dealt with directly with the school transport section at the Education Office in Ipswich.

The police recommend that children should not ride bicycles unaccompanied on the highway before they reach the age of nine years. Although there are cycle stands at the front of the building the school is unable to accept responsibility for the safe keeping of bicycles.
Occold School stands at a ‘Y’ junction and no child is permitted to leave the premises unless supervised by a member of staff. At the end of the day children who use the school bus leave from the Mill Road door and all other children from the Bullshall Road door. If you bring your children to school by car, please park carefully so as to avoid danger to children and inconvenience to the school's neighbours. The Beaconsfield Arms would prefer parents to park at The Village Hall car park.

Children at the school develop ideas and values based on mutual respect, good manners, tolerance and self-discipline. School rules, drawn up by children and staff, are kept to a minimum but in cases of minor transgressions, loss of privileges may result; if behaviour continues to give concern, parents are contacted and asked to visit the school to discuss the situation. If your child comments upon unacceptable behaviour please inform the Head Teacher as soon as possible.