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Our Vision, Aims and Values

At the heart of learning in the community

At Occold Primary School we are committed to developing the whole child so that they have high self-esteem and are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners.

We wish to promote a sense of high academic expectations which also includes creating a lifelong love for learning and fostering curiosity. Our children will become well–rounded, socially successful individuals who are respectful, compassionate, tolerant and show an awareness of other people’s needs and cultures.

This will be achieved through the school’s aims and values which are:

  • to create a safe and nurturing learning environment which recognises each child’s individual strengths, needs and personal circumstances;
  • to develop lively and enquiring minds through experiences that excite the imagination and offer challenge to children whatever their starting point;
  • to prepare children for the wider world by developing the knowledge and skills needed for a healthy and independent lifestyle;
  • to treat everyone fairly and with respect;
  • to promote polite and positive behaviour, with a zero tolerance of bullying, supported by fair, firm and consistent discipline;
  • to actively encourage children, parents and the community to participate in and enrich the life of the school;
  • to enable children to make a positive contribution to the well-being of the local and wider community;
  • to empower pupil voice and participation;
  • to ensure pupils benefit from professionally developing staff.