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School Dinners

Meals served at the school are transported from Eye Primary School kitchen. A choice of two menus provides nourishing and well-balanced two-course meal is served which provides good value for money. 
Since September 2014 all KS1 children receive a hot school dinner free of charge under the Universal Free School Meals directive. Please inform us if you wish your child does not wish to make the most of this opportunity. Free meals are available to those children whose parents are receiving state benefits. For further details please contact the Area Education Manager who will deal with your enquiry in the strictest confidence.

Children whose parents do not wish them to have a school meal may bring a packed lunch. We encourage children to eat a balanced healthy lunch and ask children not to dispose of their ‘remaining contents’ as some items can be saved for later! Children will use their water drink bottle at lunchtime. If you wish to send a cold drink then please ensure it is in an unbreakable container; cans of drink, whether carbonated or not, are not permitted.

Please note: we ask parents not to put any ‘nuts’ in their child’s lunch box, as we do have a couple of children who have nut allergies.

The school lunchtime supervisors will try to ensure that all children enjoy this part of the day. As at all other times we expect good behaviour and pleasant manners.

From January 2019, our meals have been catered by Chartwells. For a copy of the menu and allergy advice please visit the school office.